Great Upgrade for Legacy Garmin SL-30 and SL-40

January 31, 2024 -Garmin today announced a new series of COMM and NAV/COMM radios that offer feature-rich solutions in a slim 1.3-inch bezel height form factor. Introducing the Garmin GTR 205 Comm radio and GNC® 215 NAV/COMM radio. The GTR 205 COMM radio and GNC 215 NAV/COMM radio are affordable solutions for customers that feature an easy-to-read full color LCD display, intuitive user interface and worldwide frequency database.  These radios also are the same size as the venerable Garmin SL-30 series radios so these new radios are a natural upgrade modernization path especially for SL-30 and SL-40 equipped aircraft.

Designed for both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, the GTR 205 and GNC 215 are versatile radios that can serve in a variety of aircraft types and panel installations. The 1.3-inch height form factor matches previous-generation SL30 and SL40 radios, enabling easier upgrades and creating more room in space constrained panels. Pilot-selectable 25 kHz or 8.33 kHz channel spacing provides global capability. Both radios feature a sunlight-readable color LCD display, indicating the currently tuned active and standby frequencies, as well as their station ID – such as “KOJC TWR” or “KSLE ATIS”. The vibrant display as well as the dual concentric knob and backlit keys mimic those found on other modern Garmin avionics products, providing an intuitive user interface and simplifying product operation.


GTR 205 COMM radio

Adding advanced communication capabilities to any panel, the GTR 205 is an optimized and cost-effective solution. The 2,280-channel capable VHF COMM radio comes standard with 10 watts of power, and a 16 watt option is also available. For operators requiring NVIS compatibility, there is an option for that as well. Additionally, pilots can monitor a standby COMM frequency while tuned to the active frequency, allowing them to perform various tasks such as listening to ATIS transmissions without leaving the active ATC frequency.

The worldwide frequency database makes it convenient to find frequencies by searching an airport identifier. Frequency memory and instant recall make tuning to the most often or recently used frequencies quick and efficient, plus holding down the volume knob will quick-tune to the emergency channel 121.5. To assist with approaches, holds or other assigned maneuvers, the GTR 205 includes a built-in timer, with the option to count up or count down.

GNC 215 NAV/COMM radio

The GNC 215 NAV/COMM radio offers all the same COMM features as the GTR 205, while also adding full VHF navigation capabilities, including VOR/ILS with localizer and glideslope. Navaid lookup allows the GNC 215 to find the desired frequency from its built-in worldwide database when entering a navaid, and the Automatic Station ID feature will automatically decode a station’s Morse code to provide positive visual identification.

The GNC 215 also has the ability to monitor the standby VOR frequency while displaying the received radial and features a supplemental CDI display for a VOR or localizer. These NAV/COMM products interface with most CDI, HSI and autopilot systems, as well as most Garmin flight displays to show the Nav indicators in the primary field of view.

The GTR 205 and GNC 215 have received the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization and will be available in March through the Garmin Authorized Dealers, such as Forge Flightworks. The GTR 205 COMM radio has a suggested retail price starting at $2,695 and the GNC 215 NAV/COMM radio is available starting at $5,295.


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