Dynon SkyView HDX with Autopilot Now Certified for Beechcraft Baron


February 1, 2024 – Dynon has just received FAA approval for SkyView HDX systems in Beechcraft Baron 58 and 58A models. Dynon’s autopilot is also available as an option with this approval. This is a great modernization option for Baron owners and operators.

When equipped, Dynon-equipped Barons gain a full-featured three-axis autopilot system that is approach capable when paired with a compatible third-party IFR navigation device.

Dynon’s autopilot is available as an option for its certified SkyView HDX avionics system for select aircraft. When equipped, Dynon-equipped Skylane aircraft gain a full-featured two-axis autopilot system that is approach capable when paired with a compatible third-party IFR navigation device.

Dynon had already certified its full SkyView HDX system with autopilot for Beechcraft Bonanza models P35, S35, V35, V35A and V35B; Cessna 172F to 172S models; Cessna 182 models; and Piper Seneca models.

Dynon also had previously certified its SkyView HDX product line other than its autopilot to enable its installation in nearly 600 single-engine certificated general aviation aircraft!  This includes most eligible aircraft made by Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Mooney, Grumman, and almost 40 other manufacturers. The complete AML is available at www.dynon.aero/stcaircraft

SkyView HDX is Dynon’s flagship avionics suite that allows most G.A. pilots to comprehensively transform their aircraft from legacy avionics at an affordable price.  Pilots benefit from an uncluttered, elegant panel layout that reduces workload, is intuitive, fun to fly, and enhances safety. A Dynon certified installation typically reduces aircraft weight by 50 to 80 pounds after replacing the original instruments, and usually allows the removal of unreliable legacy equipment like the vacuum pump.

The SkyView HDX system is fully integrated but modular, allowing pilots to tailor installations to their aircraft’s unique mission and needs. Additional options available for all approved aircraft include complete Engine Monitoring with CHTs, EGTs, fuel flow, fuel computer, and lean assist; Mode S Transponder with 2020-compliant ADS-B Out; ADS-B Traffic and Weather display; Com Radio; and Electronic Flight Bag features.

Base SkyView HDX configurations including Primary and Backup Flight Displays, Synthetic Vision, and VFR mapping, flight planning, and navigation start at $7,630. Displays are available in both 10” and 7” variants to suit a wide variety of instrument panel sizes. Engine monitoring, additional displays, and other features and controls are optional.

When added to a SkyView HDX system, pricing for a three-axis Autopilot starts at a list price of $11,192 for Baron aircraft, including all required brackets, hardware, and servo harnesses. Frequently chosen options include the SkyView Autopilot Control Panel ($664), which provides dedicated Autopilot controls for the pilot, and the Knob Control Panel ($335), which has dedicated knobs to adjust the values that pilots modify the most when they fly under Autopilot (altitude, heading/track, and altimeter setting).

GREAT VIDEO HERE:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea4HDOd2z1U 

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