Interiors Services – Pax Perforation, Quilting, and Sewing

Interior Backshop Services to Realize Your Creative and Business Vision

Forge Flightworks has made a massive and unique investment in very specialized tooling and artisanship that enables us to provide a broad range of backshop leather work services for multi-colored perforation, quilting and sewing services to a variety of industries – aviation, automotive, motorcoach, marine, and for commercial and bespoke furniture.

Forge utilizes this amazing capability to create and deliver our unique custom aircraft and automotive interior projects.  Forge also makes these backshop services available to other organizations, as well.  At production scale or for one-of-a-kind solutions

State-of-the-Art Tooling with Pax

Presenting the Tajima Pax machine.  Forge Flightworks purchased and operates the largest form factor machine offered by Tajima.  This is an incredibly capable machine!

Pax allows us to perform multi-color embroidery, perforation, multi-color sewing and quilting and fabrication services with high precision, efficiency and quality.  Specialized leather or synthetic panels can be small or large in size to suit the application.

Inspired Design and Artisanship

This unbridled tooling goes hand in hand with unbridled creativity.  Bring your most innovative and inspired designs to life with our production capability OR we can apply our innovative design team to help you achieve your creative vision.  Our designers and artisans take time to understand your needs, and our team knows how to apply these Pax capabilities to deliver the end product to enable you to achieve your creative vision in your offerings.

Flexible, Adaptable Mindset to Support Your Vision

Partnership is a core value at Forge Flightworks, and this value shines through with regard to our approach in offering our Interior Backshop services.  We are here to help you achieve your business success.  We are here to help you achieve your creative vision.

Forge offers a variety of design services, digitization setup capability, and soft goods production and fabrication capabilities.  If you can imagine it, Forge can help you make it happen. For one-of-a-kind to large-scale volume.

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