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Avionics repair and maintenance services are focal points of our business at Forge Flightworks, formerly known as Carpenter Avionics. We have deep experience in a broad range of general aviation aircraft of all ages. And we are autopilot experts.

We understand the importance of keeping your aircraft flying so our preventive maintenance services do just that. We also understand the importance of returning your aircraft to service as quickly as possible when an avionics issue develops.

We have a passion to get things right the first time so you won’t have to return your aircraft or your component again and again. Forge has the talent, tools, processes and passion to help you.

We care deeply about our customers, and we are proven. We have a multi-year award-winning pedigree and a commitment to continually improve so you can be confident in choosing Forge for your avionics maintenance or repair service.

Avionics Maintenance

Forge Flightworks can handle your aircraft’s periodic inspection interval needs. Biennial pitot-static certification of your aircraft’s altimeter system or air-data computers, RVSM certification and more to keep your aircraft flying safely and within regulation.

We can test these and other electronic instruments or systems while the components are installed within the aircraft. We also have a complete avionics test bench so we can remove instruments to check them on the bench when needed, and then re-install them once examined.

Forge Flightworks is a Part 145 FAA Authorized Repair Station with ratings for Radio Class 1, 2 and 3; Instrument Class 1, 2, 3 and 4; and even Limited Airframe ratings for ancillary work. We handle the logbook entries and other paperwork required.

Avionics Repair

Forge Flightworks continues to operate an extensive, custom-designed test and repair bench with an experienced, well-trained staff. Such bench capabilities are becoming rarer each day in an era of all-digital aircraft electronics. With newer digital avionics, a defective line replaceable unit is simply removed, shipped back to the manufacturer and replaced. That’s fine if you have a newer aircraft or newer avionics suite, though that doesn’t work if your aircraft is older and has older analog avionics systems. This is why field repair of avionics remains so important. This is also one of the things that sets Forge Flightworks apart from other avionics service centers.

Avionics field repair is something Forge Flightworks has been doing exceptionally well for decades. We can diagnose and repair communications, navigation, transponders, altimeters, weather radar systems, RVSM systems, and other aircraft electronic systems. We have special expertise in autopilots, one of the most important systems requiring competent field repair.

We’ve built special test harnesses and interfaces, and we’ve developed our own processes that allow us to better understand an issue quickly so we can have it repaired properly. We maintain a large inventory of available spare parts so we can likely repair your avionics gear onsite. We also have an extensive network of trusted supply chain partners on call, as needed, too, to help us get your aircraft flying again.

Aircraft Weighing Services

if your aircraft is in need of a refreshed Weight and Balance, Forge Flightworks can provide this service.  Our Intercomp AC-15  aircraft scale system accommodates aircraft that weigh up to 15,000 pounds.

Various changes in your aircraft can lead to a requirement to perform a true weight and balance.  For example, replacement of extensive avionics gear, installation of a new aircraft interior, or a modification to your airframe – any of these scenarios make it a good idea and potentially necessary to do a true aircraft weight and balance.

Simple aircraft modifications generally enable a derived or calculated weight and balance that is based on a detailed formula that references the weight and arm of each removed part and each added part to be sufficient.  Still, over time, if there are multiple modifications made to an aircraft that have had weight and balance updates made based on this derived or calculated method, your aircraft’s current weight and balance information may not be accurate.

Some aircraft models are more sensitive to weight and balance issues than others.  Of course, weight and balance is a fundamental flight safety factor for every aircraft.  For your safety, let’s make sure your aircraft weight and balance information is spot-on accurate by have a true weight and balance service performed.

Forge Flightworks is the authorized warranty service center for Garmin, Aspen Avionics, Avidyne and other brands.

“You can take your aircraft anywhere to be worked on. You bring it to Carpenter to get it fixed.”

A Happy Carpenter Avionics Customer

I feel like they are trust worthy and pros at what they do. The autopilot works perfectly now and I feel very confident with it. Super happy!!! Thanks Carpenter Avionics!

John T.

Beechcraft F33A

My autopilot operates better than it has in many years!

Lynn H.

Cessna 182P

My problem was diagnosed and repaired while at the firm. The tech located a part in your inventory that saved me substantial cost. I could not have asked for more interest and care in getting me back in the air. Thank you.

John B.


Ship Your Avionics Unit or Fly-In Your Aircraft For Service

You can send us your defective avionics unit or you can fly your aircraft to our facility, where we’ll examine the unit or system within the aircraft or remove it, as needed. For fastest service, please contact us before sending in your unit or flying in so we can ensure and confirm schedule availability.

Loaner / Rental Equipment

In many cases, if your equipment cannot be repaired immediately, Forge Flightworks can provide loaner or rental avionics to keep your aircraft flying while your avionics unit is being repaired.

Trade-Ins & Pre-Owned Equipment

Forge Flightworks accepts trade-in gear for many types of aircraft electronics systems. We also offer new or pre-owned avionics parts so you often will have a choice regarding what to place back into your aircraft. We thoroughly test and provide supporting documentation for pre-owned parts we offer for sale.

Pre-Buy Aircraft Inspections

A thorough review of an aircraft’s electrical system is a prudent step to take in the process of buying an aircraft. Forge Flightworks is regularly consulted to do pre-buy inspections of the electronic systems of aircraft for sale.

We work with brokers, maintenance shops or directly with the buyer or seller, as needed. Our special expertise in avionics is complementary to the expertise of your A&P mechanic/inspector. This combination of skills can provide even deeper and broader insight about an aircraft’s condition for both buyer and seller.

Remote Site / AOG Dispatch Service for Avionics

Forge Flightworks often can dispatch our qualified personnel to remote locations to diagnose, repair or maintain the avionics where the aircraft is sitting. This may be the case if the aircraft is down for annual or other periodic maintenance or if some unscheduled issue has developed that doesn’t allow the aircraft to fly in to Forge’s facility. Please let us know if this type of service is needed for your aircraft and we’ll do our best to help you.

Avionics Extended Warranty Programs

Forge Flightworks provides avionics extended warranty programs to help you avoid unplanned maintenance costs, significantly reduce downtime, and reduce unnecessary stress – overall providing you with peace of mind.  Pricing is more affordable than you may think.

We currently represent a variety of extended warranty programs from the following brands: Rockwell Collins, BendixKing, Avidyne, and Aspen Avionics. Read More…

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