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A New Approach to Aircraft Interiors

What if your aircraft interior could be re-imagined by national award-winning automotive interior artisans?  Think about how cool, personalized and functional that could be.

Well, Forge Flightworks can enable this to happen for you!

Forge Flightworks initially teamed up with Speed & Design to create a “dream team” alliance. Then, in January 2023, Speed & Design personnel became officially part of Forge Flightworks as the starting foundation for our company’s Interiors team!  We couldn’t be happier!  We’ve been adding gifted artisans to our Interiors team since then.

Forge’s talented avionics and airframe technicians and now our world-class interiors artisans work together to deliver award-winning refurbishing services for aircraft ranging from classic piston-engine aircraft to new-generation business jets.

Many aircraft operators would like a one-stop solution for avionics, interior and aircraft glass, and engine services – all done with exceptional quality.  That’s what Forge Flightworks now can deliver for you.


Inspired Design, Meticulous Craftsmanship

The typical general aviation or business aviation aircraft interior is 15 or 20 years older – or older.  These interiors often look like that is the case.  Not just in terms of condition, but also with regard to styling and material quality.

Forge Flightworks’ movement into aircraft interiors reflects a commitment to change this for the better.

Now, aircraft owners can enjoy custom-created seats and upholstery that is as functional, as expertly crafted and installed and as beautiful, as the new avionics solutions that Forge Flightworks has been providing for instrument panels.


Full Array of Aircraft Interior Design and Installation

We offer a full array of aircraft interior design, fabrication and installation services.

Whether you are seeking a focused improvement in only one or two areas, such as your aircraft seating, or a complete upgrade to your interior and aircraft glass, we can do that.

Our services include:

  • Cabin hard-goods and soft-goods design and fabrication;
  • Upholstery, sidewall, headliner and carpeting, installation and repair;
  • Custom seat design and fabrication;
  • New seat belt and aircraft restraint system installation;
  • Thermo/acoustic insulation installation for quieter, more comfortable flying;
  • Design, fabrication, repair of cabin cabinetry, including hydro-dip refinishing;
  • LED lighting installation;
  • Yoke and glareshield refurbishment or replacement;
  • Cabin in-flight entertainment and communication;
  • Door seal and window seal replacement;
  • Aircraft windshield and aircraft glass replacement, and more.


The Right Products, Tools and Processes

We are affiliated with a broad range of manufacturers and brands that provide quality materials to include in your aircraft interior upgrade. But this is about more than just great materials.  We apply innovative tools and technologies, such as hydro-dipping and laser-cutting, to unleash even more creativity and precision.  Of course, all of this is guided by talented people employing sound processes to be as effective and efficient as possible, driven by inspirational design and a genuine intention to delight each customer.

Leather and fabrics are available from Moore & Giles and Douglass Interior Products – each with appropriate burn certifications.  Forge Flightworks is an authorized installation center for a diverse set of companies, such as AmSafe with its line of aircraft airbag restraint systems; Alto Aviation and FDS Avionics, with their lines of premium inflight entertainment; Airtext, with its line of inflight communication; and more.  The list goes on.

Let’s work together to see just how more amazing, comfortable, safe, functional and beautiful your aircraft interior can be.

Contact Forge Flightworks to learn more.  Let’s start reimagining your aircraft.



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