No Surprises Promise

One of the most common concerns many aircraft owners and operators express when they talk about previous work they’ve had done on their aircraft is the Big Surprise.

Too often, the final bill is much higher than originally estimated or quoted. Many customers don’t know the status of their aircraft while it is being serviced, and they don’t find out about the larger bill until they arrive to pick up their aircraft. Plus the project may have taken longer than originally projected. These factors contribute to customer anxiety and frustration.

At Forge Flightworks, we believe there’s a better way.

When we prepare a quote or estimate for any upgrade to your aircraft, we conduct a thorough analysis of what you desire and how your aircraft is currently configured. Because each aircraft is unique and because we often do not have the opportunity to see or examine in-person the aircraft until it arrives for service work to begin, we often rely on photos and information you provide.  We combine this input with our experience to provide you the most comprehensive proposal we can.

When you entrust your aircraft to Forge Flightworks for installation service, we start by conducting a thorough ground check of your existing avionics using the latest test equipment, and we provide you a report. If necessary a flight test may also be needed.

Along the way – whether your project takes only a few hours or several weeks – we keep you informed.  We will notify you immediately if we discover aspects of your aircraft that are different from our assumptions and will have an impact on the cost of the project and/or delivery. You decide whether and how we proceed. We continually work to refine and improve how we keep you abreast of progress on your aircraft.

When you take delivery of your aircraft after our service work has been completed, you will not be surprised by what has been done or by the amount of the invoice.

If you have an issue with your aircraft with the work we have done, you have our commitment that we will make it right.

Our No Surprise Promise is about keeping you informed and in control throughout the process. We respect and value our customers, and we seek your complete satisfaction. When you entrust your aircraft to Carpenter, you can do so with peace of mind. We take care of people – not just airplanes.